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What is REACH?

“REACH” is a concept developed to increase the cooperation of Universities, Research institutes and Academic resources for the nation’s industrial society. The concept is indicating the need of a dense link between Industries and universities for the continuous development of technology and problem solving. The objective is to utilize the knowledge which generates through academic institutes for industrial requirements, real world applications which are concerning the true necessity and accurate consultations. Where the link concerns, commencing outcome of the concept is a community of Industrial professionals, Academic Professionals, Scientists, freelance researchers and students where they can meet each other and cooperate for a common objectives while gaining experience, knowledge and joy.

REACH Mechanism

To Where the Development and knowledge required, REACH will link those needs to the other end where those resources are available. Anyone who is looking for research topics and projects, can grab those ideas and R&D concerns for their academic requirements and to gain experiences. Consulting, Resource and knowledge sharing and team work will increase the Nation’s productivity and the value of both primary and higher education systems. Sustainable development of the education system and industrial network can be achieved by the Link build by “REACH” between those communities.

The system will reward all the counterparts who are engaged in a particular task.

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What is your role?


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Academic Proffessional

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