REACH is a small non-profit virtual organization founded in 2016 that specializes in education, research and consulting in all most all the areas to improve the quality of our communities including environment as well.

We adhere to seemingly simple principles—we look in to our members’ needs, develop creative, reliable and valued links to meet those needs, and implement our strategies totally free with unsurpassed passion and dedication to excellence. This is a concept which will try to enhance and add value to the community while addressing the quality and standard of each functions.

Join with REACH and help to make a better world !

To Where the Development and knowledge required, REACH will link those needs to the other end where those resources are available. Students and Graduates who are looking for research topics and projects can grab those ideas and R&D concerns for their academic requirements and to gain experiences. Consulting, Resource and knowledge sharing and team work will increase the Nation’s productivity and the value of both primary and higher education systems. Sustainable development of the education system and industrial network can be achieved by the Link build by “REACH”

The system will reward all the counterparts who are engaged in a particular task.

To be Ceylon’s best Research Steering and consulting community.

Increase the industry-oriented research trend by knowledge and resource-based community development. Introduce inter-organization resource management and sharing by joint research programs.  Make links to professionals for relevant sectors and maximize international joint operations. Enable funding possibilities for research and projects. Develop knowledge base job facilities and support for higher education opportunities.