At REACH we have confidence in giving important associations and assets to researchers and all the organizations to center and upgrade their research and development endeavors. We also have added to our administration data about granted stipends and new financing chances, so researchers can find them effectively to locate their next conceivable subsidizing source.

Frequently Asked Questions


Currently, the information and functionality associated with Funding and services are only accessible by eligible all REACH members. Funding options are available for the members located in Sri Lanka and Germany. Information and all functionalities are made available free of charge except advertisement boosting.

Main pages are for the basic understanding of different sectors and trending information. The dashboard is the user’s location to share, discuss and make posts regarding interesting topics and areas.

This is a network developed based on mutual understanding and it is still on its early stages of development. Also, it is still a virtual network. If there is no response to inquiries, you can have our contact form to get our support.


As this virtual network depends on mutual understanding and goodwill we encourage every user to be corporate us with social ethics, respect, and honesty. If you notice any damaging information, please inform REACH web team and help us to grow the network and contribute to building a better world.

REACH has the authority to delete any information, media or documents which are damaging to other people/organizations reputation and image. Also, any inappropriate information or pornography will be deleted.

For any other inquiries, contact us here.