Linking Knowledge

One day if we ask of ourselves, “What we have done in our life?” We can be proud for the reason that, we performed our actions towards the well-being and the protection of our community in terms of work, knowledge, education and research.



University students, Graduates, Freelance researchers, Consultants

Academic and Institutional

Universities, Institutes, Schools and any other educational entities

Managerial and Industrial

Companies, Organizations, SMEs, Factories and Firms

What We Do

Industry Oriented Research Trend (IORT)

Many of graduates, students and researchers tend to do research papers based on numerous theoretical domains without acknowledging the industrial implications out of research result.

Inter Organization Resource Management (IORM)

With the world turning into a global village interactions among organizations has increased leading to global resource sharing.

International Joint Operations (INJO)

Countries can help other countries for social, environmental and economic developments through exporting technology, Knowledge and funds.

Develop Knowledge Base Job Facilities (K-BaF)

For a company to operate in its fullest capacity and compete in diverse business environments and to pursue capabilities and opportunities, knowledge based workers should be employed.

Knowledge and resource-based community development

For an industry to be successful, there should be specialized personnel with knowledge and analytical skills where resources can be utilized in an efficient manner.

Support for higher education opportunities

Since we focus on establishing a link between researchers , companies and universities , individuals are provided with a chance to find further educational and training opportunities.

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